Fantasy Three For All

A fantasy game for the NFL Playoffs

Posted by Clint Cecil on September 18, 2017

The Game

I’m not sure who created the game, but a few years ago I was invited to play in a fantasy league during the NFL playoffs which had an interesting premise. It combined fantasy football, which normally ends in week 16 of the regular season, with a survivor pool. Each participant picks one quarterback, one running back, and one wide receiver each week of the playoffs. The participant is not allowed to pick the same player twice. Standard fantasy rules apply and a winner is calculated from total points.

The allure of the game is that it allows one to continue playing fantasy football without entering into the fanduel type format. There are some interesting strategies as some participants will try to conserve players they think will make the super bowl, some participants will pick from only one conference until the super bowl, guaranteeing them starting players from the other conference, and some participants simply pick whoever they think will gain the most points. It’s always interesting when somebody has a lot of points but no starting quarterback in the super bowl.

The Logistics and Tech Behind the Game

For the years I’ve run my own league, I have had participants email me their choices each week and I’ve manually calculated their scores using an excel spreadsheet.

This year, I am planning to create a quick rails app which will allow for each player to make their picks and shows them who they have already picked. Scoring is a bit trickier, I may write some code to scrape data from a source to get reliable statistics with regular updates, or I may manually enter stats after the games are done.

If you have new ideas for fantasy style games, please feel free to reach out and talk about them.

Header photo taken by Clint Cecil at Rocky Mountain National Park, Wyoming.