Job Experience at Epic

My experience straight out of college

Posted by Clint Cecil on March 15, 2017

In 2010, with no idea where to even begin looking for a job, I started searching the internet for where to go make my fortune. After a short time of looking online at different positions and realizing there was not much to choose from in Western MD and the surrounding areas, Epic in Verona, WI contacted me regarding my resume posted online.

I had never thought of Wisconsin as a place I would ever want to visit, let alone live, but decided to go check out both the area and the company. As soon as I got to Madison I loved it.

Once through the interview process, I packed up my belongings and some furniture collected from yard sales and moved to Madison. I started as a programmer in September of 2010.

When I started at Epic, I was one of a couple hundred hired around that time. We studied a variety of topics like version control and internal processes for code review. I learned the importance of coding standards when working in a large organization.

I was assigned to the Kaleidoscope team which worked on the product for Ophthalmologists. This was an interesting product and I was happy to be a part of it. This was my first real experience working on a small team. (It also improved my spelling as I had never had to write out kaleidoscope or ophthalmology before.)

After a while, I felt like the learning stopped and I was trapped using the dated technology their system was built on. I was afraid at the time I’d get pigeon-holed into working with the same technology for a prolonged period. My college friend Steffen contacted me with an offer of a job at CTAC and took it, although I missed Madison a lot.

I think the experience at Epic was a good one. Most of my friends in Madison either work there or used to. I learned a lot and enjoyed living on my own in a strange city for the first time. I think if I were to go back I would enjoy it more and have more success with the maturity I’ve developed over the last several years.

Header photo taken by Clint Cecil at Rocky Mountain National Park, Wyoming.